Managing the school's legal risks

Why a Lotto Win Can Be a Double-Edged Sword During Separation

Money can often be a cause of significant arguments between two sensible people. Unfortunately, it can trigger arguments between married couples that lead to separation and divorce. As if this wasn't bad enough, an unexpected "windfall" can come along while a dispute is working its way through legal channels and make things even more complex. If you or your former partner have recently won the lottery or received a significant and unexpected lump sum, how is this likely to affect negotiations? Read More 

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Managing the school's legal risks

When you work in a school it is very important to find a balance between legal risks and the desire to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for our students. The law in this area is always changing and it's important to stay up to date with any changes. This blog has some resources for school administrators who want more information on legal risks for schools as well as some tips on how to find more information. I hope it will help demystify the area of school legal risk and be a useful starting point for any questions you might have.



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