Managing the school's legal risks

Why Your Social Media Activity May Come Back to Haunt You

Do you fully understand the ramifications whenever you are active on social media? In truth, not many people do, as they self-publish to their heart's content and broadcast a lot of their personal information to the world. Often, there is no real risk involved, and a lot of this activity is harmless. However, in some situations, the activity could come back to haunt the individual, and this is especially the case for those who may be going through the process of separation. Why is it important to keep away from social media when you're under pressure, may want to strike out at others or otherwise cause a problem?

Formal or Informal?

More people than ever have decided that they will simply live together these days, rather than trying to formalise an arrangement through a traditional marriage. This is perfectly acceptable and recognised across Australia, but these individuals must be very careful with an eye to their potential future. If they lived together for some time and had a clear relationship, where funds may have been intermingled, or one relied on the other, this may have implications.

Special Arrangements?

Certainly, it's possible to draw up a "prenuptial" type of agreement that can often stand up in a court of law, where this very scenario is clearly discussed. In the absence of an arrangement like this, however, a dispute can often arise and may end up in a court of law.

Active Dispute

More often than not, the conversation begins to focus on "who will get what" and whether one should continue to support the other as they go their separate ways. If the matter does come in front of a court, then the judge will look for information and evidence to help them make their decision.

Online Evidence

This is where social media may come into the frame as they will not only look for financial records but will check to see how both individuals portrayed themselves on those major portals. They will look carefully at tweets, posts or other statements. These will be saved for posterity on all of the top platforms today.

Showing Restraint

Remember to bite your tongue, virtually speaking, if you find yourself embroiled in such a situation and want to vent your anger online. This type of outburst can be used by the opposing counsel against you in some situations, and it's never going to help you with your position.

Getting Advice

As you can see, this is a difficult process, and you should get expert advice on your side. Talk to a family law office before you log on again.

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Managing the school's legal risks

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