Managing the school's legal risks

5 Questions to ask a Commercial lawyer before hiring

The business world is becoming increasingly complex. In the past, all you needed to operate a successful business was an outstanding product/service that you could present to your customers. Nowadays, things are not so straightforward. You need to operate in an increasingly intertwined business and legal environment. Issues such as copyright, trademark, logos, and labor laws that surround employees all need to be considered. A commercial lawyer can be your source of critical information regarding the legal space that surrounds your business. Read More 

How to Write an Effective Will for Your Property

A will is a legal document that outlines how your estate will be divided amongst your heirs. It also outlines how you debts will be repaid, and any other specific wishes you may have for your property. While it is important to write your will in close consultation with a lawyer, having a basic understanding of the will writing process can enable you to prepare a detailed and specific will. Read More 

Understanding Insurance Fraud Investigation, Prosecution and Penalties

If you have been charged with the crime of insurance fraud, you should consult fraud lawyers for counsel. Insurance fraud is a serious criminal offense and a continuing problem in the country. Therefore, the penalties imposed on parties found guilty can be severe, depending on the circumstances and the amount of money involved. As implied, insurance fraud refers to the action of deceiving an insurer for illicit financial gain. This type of offence often looks insignificant from a personal point of view since the gains are usually small. Read More 

What Can You Do When Your Dad’s Girlfriend Gets An Inheritance Instead Of You?

Marriage does not last as long as it did when your grandparents were young, with the average marriage currently lasting 12.1 years. As parents split up, it is not uncommon for men and women to find new long-term relationships that become de facto living arrangments or second marriages. The story of Daniel Leverton's de facto and her inheritance of his estate made news headlines recently because his children did not receive the lion's share. Read More 

The First Legal Meeting Regarding Your Divorce: 3 Things to Do

If you have decided to seek a divorce, you probably have some questions and concerns about how the legal process with play out. However, you shouldn't panic! A friendly and professional family lawyer will be able to guide you through the entire process. If you have arranged your first meeting with a family lawyer, you should take the following actions before the meeting takes place. Think about the outcome you want to achieve Read More 

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Managing the school's legal risks

When you work in a school it is very important to find a balance between legal risks and the desire to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for our students. The law in this area is always changing and it's important to stay up to date with any changes. This blog has some resources for school administrators who want more information on legal risks for schools as well as some tips on how to find more information. I hope it will help demystify the area of school legal risk and be a useful starting point for any questions you might have.



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