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5 Questions to ask a Commercial lawyer before hiring

The business world is becoming increasingly complex. In the past, all you needed to operate a successful business was an outstanding product/service that you could present to your customers. Nowadays, things are not so straightforward. You need to operate in an increasingly intertwined business and legal environment.

Issues such as copyright, trademark, logos, and labor laws that surround employees all need to be considered. A commercial lawyer can be your source of critical information regarding the legal space that surrounds your business.  Simply put, you need to hire a commercial lawyer at some point of your business lifespan.

In order to hire the best candidate for the job, ask these 5 questions to reveal the commercial lawyer's true qualifications.

How long have you been in the practice?

This is a question that is directly tied to the level of experience that the commercial lawyer has. You should not shy away from asking how much experience is under his/her belt, because more experienced commercial lawyers can provide better and more insightful advice for your business.

However, this doesn't mean that newer commercial lawyers are not as good at their job. You will have to balance between level of experience, education, and other factors to make your final decision.

How many clients have you served?

A commercial lawyer who has served multiple clients is better ware of the ins and outs of the industry and what clients are likely to need. They can inform you about what you need to have in order to be in the clear with regards to legal regulations.

Lawyers that have served many clients are also well connected, and can get you out of the woods whenever you find yourself in trouble with business regulations.

Can you provide me with insights into my industry?

This is a great question to ask a commercial lawyer to determine if they are familiar with your particular industry.  For example, businesses in the manufacturing sector may need to be aware of laws governing import and export regulations. If your commercial lawyer cannot provide deep insights into these regulations, they probably aren't the best candidate for the job.

Can you provide me with references?

You should always ask for references from current and former clients of the commercial lawyer. They can enable you to get a taste of what the services of the lawyer are actually like.

How many clients are you currently representing?

This is a great question to ask in order to determine if the lawyer will have enough time for you. Commercial lawyers that are representing too many clients at once may be tough to reach and often unavailable when you need them the most.

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Managing the school's legal risks

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