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Why It May Be Unwise to Date During Divorce Proceedings

Are you considering dating someone else as your divorce is finalised? Read on and discover why dating before a divorce is finalised may be unwise.

Child Custody Complications

Courts of law consider several factors before they determine who should have custody of the children once a divorce has been finalised. The attorney of your former spouse may use your dating life as proof that you are not suitable to have sole custody of the children. He or she may argue that it is stressful for the kids because they will find it hard to adjust to living with another person when they have just been separated from one of their biological parents. Such arguments could not have come up if you had applied for sole custody when you aren't dating anyone.

Negative Emotions are Aroused

The divorce negotiations or hearings can become complicated by the negative emotions that arise when one of the former partners is dating. For instance, your former partner may be unwilling to offer a generous amount in spousal support because he or she may feel that the money will go towards sustaining that person whom you are dating. Additionally, your former spouse may argue that you were having an affair while you were still with him or her. Such an accusation can dent your reputation in society since it may be hard for you to prove that you only started dating after leaving your former spouse.

Impact on Your Current Partner

Divorce proceedings can put a strain on your relationship with the person that you are dating. For instance, the emotional strain of the divorce can make you less attentive to the person that you are dating. Furthermore, the person may get second thoughts about you when he or she witnesses the strong emotions that you exhibit during divorce negotiations or hearings in court. That person can start wondering whether you won't react to them in a similar way when a disagreement arises. Such doubts can make the person to take longer to commit to you since he or she will be trying to get over that belligerent conduct that you may have exhibited at the time of your divorce.

Hire an experienced family law attorney to guide you on the steps or actions that you should take as your divorce is concluded. That expert help will enable you to wind up your marriage without jeopardising your relationship with the person that you are currently dating.

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